My Gatorade runneth over

How much mess can 4 kids make in 24 hours? Really? It’s unbelievable! Then try adding their parents into the mix and WOW!

OK, so for the parents it takes a little more than 24 hours… T was messing with some power tools over the weekend… and didn’t plug the freezer in the garage back in… and yes, a thawing freezer, even one that is not totally full, makes a big mess.

Last night all I wanted to do was sit down and actually eat dinner with my kids. I opened a brand new bottle of Gatorade, poured 3 glasses, and poured the rest of it into a refrigerator bottle and shut the door. I probably sat there ten minutes before G says, “Look at that big yellow mess!” Now, knowing there was nothing yellow in that direction and that my boys often wish to “trick” me, I didn’t even bother looking. Another five minutes, maybe, and J says, “Oh, my! That’s a big orange mess.” OK… Now, I must look… and yes… there on the floor was a big puddle of Gatorade. I’m guessing the door hit the spout on the bottle, and the whole time I sat at the table, Gatorade ran freely in my fridge, and onto the floor!

On to tonight, where K waited patiently, or so I thought, for me to get her food ready… once I got to the table, I found her happily sucking on the spoon she had grabbed from the sour cream sitting on the table, and sour cream from ear to ear… yes, she’s not quite seven months old…

Then there’s G, who got a bath tub shark yesterday. You know, the kind that you pull the string, and the tail flips back and forth so that it “swims.” He wants to play with it in the shower…and grabs a cup. I told him no, he was NOT stopping the drain in the shower… if he wanted the shark to swim, he could get into the tub. End of story… NOT. No, I walked into the bath room to get K’s bath ready and found water running on the floor… from under the shower door! This young man found ANOTHER cup and did it anyway. Off to bed with that one.

Then S gets out of the other shower to show me her boo-boo on her knee (shower still running). As I am trying to dry K and get her pjs on, I tell S to go show Daddy. (It takes several times before she actually goes.) He comes into the bathroom where I am still trying to get K dry and into pjs, saying, “It’s a good thing she got me… she tried to pull a G! The water in the tub was about 4 inches from the top.”

I’m going to bed!


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