You might be a redneck…

Where is Jeff Foxworthy???? He needs to see this car…

T had somethings to do after church today, so we took two vehicles. He was maybe a block ahead of me when this car passed me, and I thought, “T needs to see this…” so I picked up my phone and called him. Why would I think that? Because like a lot of guys, T is a car guy. Unlike most guys (or maybe there are more of you than I know) he will spend HOURS looking a web sites about car parts, car kits, paint jobs… whatever… it’s enough to make my head spin… and I like cars… just not that much!

Anyway, this car that passed me… T answered and I said “Look at the car that’s to your right…” (Sunday afternoon traffic on OHB can be a nightmare, and the kids and I caught up to T and J.)

“What car?”

“The one to your right… it’s about to pass you… and it has duct tape for racing stripes!”

“No way.”


“That’s crazy! I see it… that’s crazy!” We hung up… then he called me back “Not duct tape… reflective tape. At least it’s a specialty tape… that’s a step above… not much better, but a step above. And it has decals to look like bullet holes.” Nice… welcome to Tennessee!

Now, these are not the best pix, but all I had was my phone… and I was trying to drive! (We were STOPPED each time I took a pix…)


One thought on “You might be a redneck…

  1. Sounds like T and my S are cut from the same cloth. 99% of S’s life is CARS!!! You’re right, that car was worth a blog post and photos! Too Funny!!!! 🙂

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