Honesty and the child

Have I mentioned I am the mother of four? Taking 30 minutes to do my hair is not a luxury I have… who am I kidding??? I don’t think I’ve EVER taken 30 minutes to do my hair!

Saturday I took the morning to have my hair high-lighted (something I once swore I would never do) and cut – hey, my 20th high school reunion is coming up! Anyway, when I got home my sweet babies were napping. When a sleepy G came down the stairs he got a funny look on his face, “Momma, your hair looks silly!”

“Does that mean you don’t like it?”

“It looks silly!” At least he didn’t say it looked bad…

Later that night, after eating dinner, letting them play at the mall and eat dippin dots, as I got into the van G says, “Momma’s hair is yucky.” Nice… honest anyway. I had to laugh at his willingness to just share, Daddy didn’t find it funny and got onto him for talking to his momma that way.

On Sunday I got ready for church, and headed out to round up kids. G looked at me, his face lit up, big blue eyes totally elated, and said…



2 thoughts on “Honesty and the child

  1. Most guys wouldn’t even notice, so you have to give him credit for paying attention! LOL

    I’m sure it looks lovely! You look great in the little bits of you I’ve seen in pics. I’d swear it was just your 5 yr reunion you’re going to. 🙂

  2. My 20 year reunion is going to be in October…so I have a few months to get some “work” done too. I can only imagine what the Munchkin be saying (when he starts talking) in a similar situation…watch out!

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