Sweet girl

I am not a mom who likes kids sleeping in our room. Not at any age. At K’s age or even younger, I would be afraid I would smush them in the night. However, once they are old enough to get out of their bed, an element of control is lost.

G would, like clock work, get up and come into our room and snuggle up at 6:30 every morning for about a year, maybe 18 months. He started at about 2 years old. I thought he would never stop. He still has mornings where he wants to cuddle, but we sit on the couch while we both wake up… and that’s not every morning any more either.

S is not like clock work… it’s very hit or miss. Sometimes I think it depends on the pjs she has on. And the time she crawls into my bed changes, too. Sometimes it’s 2 or 3am. She goes back to her bed then. Other times, like this morning, it’s 6:30 or 7. She can stay for awhile then.

However, this morning she stayed long enough my arm went to sleep… and my back was telling me it’s time to move. And I told T about it… fully believing S was sound asleep. To my surprise, S said, “Turn over Momma, I’ll rub your back.” Then she snuggled in more… LOL.

“I can’t, Baby, you are on my arm.” She got up so I could turn over, and then she laid her head on my back and started lightly tapping me… for about ten seconds.

This precious little girl is the one the drs. wanted to abort. I think about it every time I see that sweet smile. Every time she puts that little hand in mine, I am reminded how they told me she wasn’t worth keeping. They were wrong. Thank you, Jesus, they were very wrong.


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