Good Night Moon

I love how my kids think! On the way home tonight J and G were looking at the moon. It was full (or very close), low and orange. The conversation was very excited and fast paced. Why was the moon orange? What if the moon was orange tonight and the sun white in the morning? Wasn’t it just half a moon last week?

And then there was this gem from G: “What if God made the moon orange ‘cuz He knows it’s my birthday tomorrow?”

“So then it’s God’s gift to you?”

“Yeah! That’s cool! Thank you God! Thank you God for that great gift!”

Really… Thank you God for that great gift called G! Happy Birthday, little Booga Boo!

I would have taken a picture, but the moon disappeared by the time we got home, so this one from the water park on Monday will have to do… it pretty much sums G up anyway 😉


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