Working on a Mitzvot

What’s a mitzvot? Our pastor has issued our church a challenge and defines mitzvot as a task one voluntarily undertakes in order to experience a spiritual change. He is encouraging each person to undertake this challenge.

So, technically, we have been discussing this for several years. This past year, T has been working with others to really make this happen. This year will see ink to our dreams, a God given challenge we walk together. Our hearts beat with God’s heart for the parentless children of this world. Somehow, some way we want to be able to wrap our arms around each one as we do each of our own children.

I know, not physically possible.

Then this idea began to grow in T’s mind… I’m a little slower to catch the vision… but I do catch it. Oh, the places this could go… God is big enough…

Now go check out the fruit of all that has been going on…


New Hope for Haiti

New Hope Academy (our kids’ school) was asked to sing in a song that will benefit Haiti. That means 200 students were bused to a local recording studio where they spent 2 hours singing the same lines over and over… along with a few minor word changes here and there.

I understand the song will be available on iTunes. I’ll let you know more as I do. I am so proud our kids have been able to take part in this act of giving from Music City, USA to the people of Haiti.

Here’s one of the pictures J’s teacher sent… plus some video that ran on our news today:

WKRN’s video

WSMV’s news story

Here’s WSMV’s video, and you can see S a couple of times… well, her ear in a close up of a boy, and on the front row… you can also see her in the picture below.

The Doghouse

If you haven’t seen it…

It’s a pretty funny video JC Penney‘s marketing team put together to express the way many women feel: Most men are funny practical people… Most women are not. At least not when it comes matters of the heart. When a man wants to say, “I love you,” he wants to lighten his woman’s load, make the things she needs to do easier. In order to hear “I love you,” a woman wants to know that her man finds her desirable and beautiful.

It’s pretty crazy how different each of us says the same thing. And how trying to tell someone anything in a manner they find offensive will get you into trouble so fast it will make your head spin. Personally, I like dates to be recognized: Valentines Day, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries. T likes to make a big deal over people when it strikes him… not because the calendar says it’s time to do so. Translation? When we first got married, he went shopping for my Christmas gift on December 24th. What did he come home with… well, I’ll give him credit, it was not a vacuum cleaner… it was a pair of red and white, fussy, soccer ball slippers, and a promise to go shopping after Christmas.

A couple years ago he came home with a gift for me… a sapphire and diamond ring… and it was not a holiday, he just wanted to do it. So very sweet. However, this is an area I need to work on… I under react. I am working on making sure to do gifts for him all through out the year, as gifts is one of his Love Languages.

Now, he has learned to do much better. Last year for Valentines Day he took me to the jewelry store and together we picked out a beautiful set. He amazes me, and for the most part, keeps himself out of the doghouse. No, it does not always need to be jewelry (but that’s nice!)… just some way to whisper to a woman how beautiful she is to you.

How do I love thee?

Love is a funny thing… one of those very hard to pin down kind of things – like Jell-O. What really says, “I love you” to you? What do you need to feel like you are taken care of? If you’ve read the books, what is your “Love Language“?

Companionship is big for T. This means several things to us… rock climbing, laughing together and watching B Sci-fi movies or TV shows. When we have not had enough time together (we did just have our 5th child, and the holidays, and so much going on at his office… you know, life) he’ll say things like “I don’t feel married any more.” Ugh… that’s a tough one to swallow.

For my kids, they are still developing and learning their own needs, so they really need some of each. However, I can tell my girls are feeling they are not getting enough of Mommy’s time… also a tough one to swallow. Two year old K has been greeting me each morning with “Mommy, I need you.” Her little heart does not understand that EVERYONE needs Mommy, all she knows is that Mommy has not been as available as she once was.

There is a balance somewhere… there has to be. One of my goals for this year is to find it… not just for me, but for my whole family. I need to speak personally, deeply to each of these God given gifts, of my love for them. Not just as a group, but as the individual they are… T, J, G, S, K and A… That is a deep river I must swim. One I dare not swim alone.

See, they are God given. Without seeking God first, I will NEVER be able to love them in a way that will speak to their hearts… there is not enough of me to go around. But God can multiply in ways we can not understand, and with Him, with Him only, I will be able to truly love all those He has placed in my life.

And this book, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman,  is a good way to begin to understand all they are asking of me.


November 17th? I last wrote on November 17??? Really??? Wow…

Welcome to 2010. A Space Odyssey… or not. I actually just learned it was 2001 A Space Odyssey, and 2010 was the sequel… this an issue of being 14 and not really liking either movie when the sequel was released. The two movies ran together and freaked me out, and in my head it was always 2010.

And now you know how tired I really am… not sleeping messes with your head and your ability to think clearly… So I will tell you our sweet little A has joined our family, or as K calls her “MY BABY!” I promise I will get myself together and the conversation will continue… soon? For now, I am off to sleep while Baby A sleeps.

The Words a Momma Doesn’t Want to Hear

This week has been a bit rough for our family… mostly with illness, but there have been other added “surprises” too. One of the things T LOVES about our new house is his “man-cave.” That’s the area just behind the garage (if you pull into the garage, there are stairs up to the house, as the garage is under the master bedroom. Behind the stairs is a big area… he’s got a newly acquired set of woodworking tools on one side of the room, and area to set up 5 PS2s, three home theater seats, a projector for movies and the biggest gaming screen possible. It’s guy’s night heaven.

After last Friday’s big gaming night, T’s been sick and at home all week. Well, on and off all week… he has tried a couple of times to go into the office… and those days have kicked his tail each time. He finally went to the dr. yesterday because he could feel the junk settling in his lungs… yes, secondary infection from flu… the dr. said this is what kills people when they get the flu… oh, joy. Not that he was close, just not something you want to mess around with.

J has been having some stomach/head issues… mostly just pain, no actual signs… hopefully he’ll avoid anything stronger. However, we did keep him home from school. G seems fine… hope he stays that way!

Both girls seem to have some diarrhea… K had some this morning and S waited until she got home from school… I guess it was a HUGE mess upstairs as she tried to make it to the toilet but could not… T had the joy of being there and he cleaned it up… I worked with the laundry to be able to clean the clothes (she had her panties off trying to get there, so it was all over everything else) and he just threw her shoes out. K has not been sleeping that well… I don’t know how many more of these sleeping 2-3 hours and then up for the next two hour nights I can take…

Now, my head hurts… my lungs feel heavy… I really don’t want to get sick… sigh… T slept all morning, and then got up at 11 and I slept from 11:30 to 2:15…

So to top it all off tonight, the boys were ALONE in the man-cave playing games, while T was putting the girls to bed, and letting me rest. He was rocking K, who was finally settling down, when J yells from the man-cave the words I don’t ever want to hear again… “DADDY… A SNAKE!” Oh, yes there was… a baby King Snake had found it’s way into the garage. I later learned (when the boys were all upstairs and trying to find pictures on the internet) that J almost stepped on it… UGH!

They trapped it, identified it, asked to keep it, and turned it loose in the woods behind our house. And now they are all three back to playing games. As for me and the girls… it will be a while before we have a girls night in the man-cave…

kingsnake The one the boys found was not this big… it was maybe 10 inches long, but they didn’t take any pictures.

House in progress

As if I don’t have enough on my plate… we are working on buying a new house. I thought you might like to see what we are starting with…

front The front of the house… I didn’t take this picture, so it’s not the same size as the ones I took.

entryway This is the view as you walk in the front door. To the left is the office. To the right is the dinning room. Kid’s rooms are upstairs, and living room is straight ahead.

office What will be the office.

diningroom The dining room. The kitchen is through that door.

kitchen2 kitchen1 kitchen3 The kitchen. The master bedroom is off on the right, living room on the left, and sun room through the glass doors.

master1 master2 Master bedroom.

masterbath1 masterbath2 Master bath.

sunroom sunroom2 Sun room – this will be the kids play area.

livingroom1 livingroom2 Living room. The baby’s room is through that door.

babyroom Baby’s room… and no, we do not know if it will still be pink when the baby is born.

guestroom The guest room/hobby room… maybe I can catch up the scrap books… on the last 8 years???

girlsroom The girls room. It will not stay this color.

boysroom The boys room. It’s not staying this color either. On that note… most of these rooms are not staying the color they are 😉

back The back of the house.

Newest Addition

So… it’s been a while since I’ve posted much of anything… or really, since I’ve posted anything. Guess it’s time to come clean…

Part of the reason I haven’t posted has been the fact that I am always… ALWAYS tired these days. And I’ve been nauseous… very nauseous… Which is not easy to deal with when you have four under 10… Yes, I am pregnant. The only time I was really nauseous was with my first… and a little with my second… read with both of my boys. The girls were much easier on me. Does this mean another Bradshaw boy???? We’ll know in August.

There ya have it… The newest Bradshaw will be here on November 30… yes, I know what day… we have scheduled c-sections. As I get more energy, I hope to get back to posting more often.

Of Babies, and Baby Powder

I’m not sure how it happened… really. I know Daddy came home… he’s been gone for a week, so everyone was pumped! Kids were running EVERYWHERE… seems more like 10 kids then 4. And loud… wow. We finally got them to listen a bit and go upstairs. Mom, T and I were sitting at the table finishing dinner and talking about all that happened this week.

The S came running in to tell me that G was bleeding. I heard no tears… so I told her to tell him to come talk to me. Pretty soon he did so… and showed me a skinned little toe. I guess he scraped it on the wall (he’s a boy who’s almost six… I don’t ask) and did make it bleed. S, being the “bandaids will fix everything” kind of girl she is, ran to get him a bandage.

With that ordeal out of the way, T went outside to look at the places we had two trees removed from. Mom and I were still talking and the kids were off playing. Then S begins to say something about baby medicine  and K playing in it. I really wasn’t paying attention, but it started to sink in. Grandma began to repete S to make sure she understood what she was saying. At the same time I turned to mom… “Do I smell baby powder?” We got up and went to the hall.


Then we went a little deeper.


Then we rounded the corner.


Oh, yeah… that’s big fun to clean. And so are the covered children.

IMG_0219 IMG_0221 IMG_0222

Apparently, when S got the bandages, she handed K the baby powder. K quickly discovered it was lots of fun to dump on the floor. Grandma, T, the boys and I discovered it’s not so much fun to clean. I am sure the house will smell like baby powder for weeks on end… maybe that’s not a bad thing when people come to see the house???